Wings Of Light Wellness Center

A Sanctuary For Natural Healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine

A Sanctuary For Natural Healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine

A Sanctuary For Natural Healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine A Sanctuary For Natural Healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ozone Sauna Therapy


Sweat bathing has been popular in many cultures throughout the world for hundreds and hundreds of years.  The Finns have of course laid claim to the sauna as their preferred method of sweat bathing and the American Indians had sweat lodges that were being used at about the same time as the first sauna.  The history of steam bathing, which uses a lower temperature but much greater humidity, can be traced back to the Romans and the Turks although its likely that these two groups popularized and absorbed into their cultures something that had already been taking place for generations before within Greek society.  In ancient Rome, bathhouses were an integral part of the culture, not just for health and hygiene but also for their social importance.

Meet todays modern sweat bath, The Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet.  The steam ozone sauna, allows the steam to surround the body and “activated” oxygen to be introduced through the skin, which allows the ozone into the blood stream, where it can travel to the fat and lymph tissues to cleanse them of toxins, releasing the liver from difficult task of dealing with them.

Ozone therapy is as safe and trusted as hyperbaric (high pressure) oxygen therapy.  Since the 1950's, its popularity has increased around the world.  Today, more than 45,000 physicians in 50 countries, use ozone therapy to address ailments ranging from endodontic infections and herniated disk pain to arterial plaque and Lyme disease.  

According to the Pain Physician; American Journal of Neuroradiology, "One of the most impressive evidence-based applications is relief from the pain of herniated disks, particularly lumbar.  More than one  meta-analysis deemed ozone treatment an effective and extremely safe procedure, with pain and functional outcomes equal to or better than surgery as far lower complication rates (less than 0.1 %), along with significantly shorter recovery times".


Wings of Light Wellness Center is one of the few places in Florida that offer Steam Ozone Sauna Therapy.  The use of a sauna should be an important part of any detoxification program.  Ozone therapy is a simple and non-toxic coming of age option for treatment and prevention of illness.

Ozone and Sauna Therapy Benefits List

Dramatically increase oxygenation of the tissues and cells

Burn 400-600 calories per session

Stimulate the Immune System

Increase the White Blood Cell count

Increase circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery within the body

Increase the distensibility of the Red Blood Cell so that it can squeeze through your tiny blood vessels into tissues

Boost cellular mediated immunity (part of the immune system)

Increase 2,3-DPG: Responsible for the blood’s ability to release oxygen in your tissues

Increase tumor necrosis factor by up to 500 times

Purge the body of accumulated toxins such as pesticides, PCBs, drug residues, and acidic wastes

Produce Interleukin II, Gamma interferon (anti-cancer substances)

100 Benefits of Ozone Therapy

1. Improved circulation
2. Cell energizer
3. Vitality booster
4. Immune enhancer
5. Skin purifier
6. Oxygenates hemoglobin
7. Neutralizes acid
8. Liver cleanser
9. Kills parasites
10. Combats chronic fatigue syndrome
11. Corrects dizziness
12. Blood purifier
13. Relieves muscle aches
14. Builds muscle
15. Combats depression
16. Neutralizes stomach acid
17. Overcomes weakness
18. Corrects memory loss
19. Enhances immune system
20. Fights bronchial problems
21. Prevents tumors
22. Decomposes plague
23. Increases cellular vitality
24. Boosts energy
25. Fights flu
26. Releases tension
27. Burns fat
28. Protects against stroke
29. Kills virus
30. Blood booster
31. Speeds healing
32. Improves digestion
33. Clears out brain fog
34. Cleans mucus
35. Kills candida
36. Improves heart function
37. Fights infection
38. Prevents sudden heart attack
39. Kills bacteria
40. Relieves angina
41. Heightens alertness
42. Prevents colds
43. Stops cancer cells
44. Neutralizes chronic hostility
45. Calms nerves
46. Speeds recovery
47. Oxidizes poisons
48. Breaks up cholesterol
49. Eliminates lactic acid
50. Speeds athletic recovery
51. Improves mental quickness
52. Strengthens immune system
53. Improves vitamin uptake
54. Kills Candida
55. Improves mineral absorption
56. Destroys harmful microorganisms
57. Oxidizes morbific material
58. Balances acid/alkaline
59. Decreases stress
60. Improves amino acid utilization
61. Improves brain function
62. Oxygenates pancreas
63. Kills bad colon bacteria
64. Ignites carbohydrates
65. Help supplements to work better
66. Burns off excess sugar
67. Enhances mood
68. Purifies liver
69. Oxygenates spleen
70. Improves mental stability
71. Speeds up faulty metabolism
72. Clears out dirty fluids
73. Detoxifies the lymph system
74. Prevents degenerate diseases
75. Prevents premature aging
76. Prevents irregular heartbeat
77. Prevents gangrene
78. Prevents peripheral vascular disease
79. Fights herpes
80. Kills worms
81. Fights emphysema
82. Prevents angina pain
83. Prevents shingles
84. Prevents fever blister
85. Prevents asthma
86. Prevents lymes disease
87. Fights parasitic infection
88. Fights fibermayalgia
89. Prevents epsein barr
90. Prevents cluster headaches
91. Prevents cardiac arrhythmias
92. Disburses heavy metal toxicity
93. Prevents allergies
94. Neutralizes environmental toxicity
95. Prevents Alzheimer’s
96. Prevents constipation
97. Prevents nerve related diseases
98. Prevents gastro intestinal disorders
99. Prevent ms
100.Detoxifies every cell in the body

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