Massage and Spa Services


Heated Back Scrub + Mud Treatment

$55 duration 30 Minutes

$120 treatment with 60 in full body massage

$155 treatment with 90 min full body massage

Deluxe spa treatment includes warm jojoba oil and sea salt scrub + green French clay treatment + full body Swedish massage.  This is a great detox, exfoliate, back treatment and total relaxation.  This treatment is done on a heated massage table and all ingredients are heated.  The treatment can be done alone or with a massage.

Deluxe Salt Scrub

$50 duration 30 minutes

Invigorates the skin and helps to improve circulation, giving the skin a natural glow.  Scrubbing with salt also helps to remove bacteria from the skin and unclogs pores.

Deluxe Salt Scrub + Full Body Mud Wrap

$135 Duration 90 min

A Dead Sea salt scrub + mud wrap in one.  A great way to detox, exfoliate and treat the skin.  This treatment stimulates blood circulation, moisturizes skin and helps with cell renewal.  It will draw out toxins, leaving the skin healthy.

Ultimate Massage

$85 duration 15 min full body dry brushing + 60 min full body massage

Luxury massage starts with a full body brushing, followed by your choice of a full body massage and ends with a warm oil scalp and neck massage that will leave you feeling totally relaxed.  Dry brushing helps to exfoliate the skin for a smoother and brighter appearance.  Also aids in eliminating toxins from the body, increases blood circulation and promotes lymph flow/drainage.

Detox Steam + Massage

$115 duration 30 min Steam Ozone Sauna + 60 min massage

$150 duration 30 min Steam Ozone Sauna + 90 min massage

Releases impurities, stimulates circulation and supports the immune system with this detox treatment.  A full body brushing and an invigorating steam treatment, followed by a relaxing full body massage.

Body Scrub + Steam + 60 Massage

$165 (includes 60 min massage)

$190 (includes 90 min massage)

Enjoy a full body steam treatment, body polish and a massage.  This treatment will relax, replenish and infuse your body with moisture.


Foot Scrub with mud mask

$45 durations 30 min

Foot Scrub to exfoliate dry skin, wrapped in a mud mask with steamed towels.  It is finished off with a light oil foot massage.

Seaweed Detox Body Wrap

$95 Durations 60 min

$380 for 6 sessions

This body treatment starts with a full body brushing to stimulate your lymphatic system.  An application of a detoxifying seaweed mask is applied to assist your body's natural metabolic balance.  You are cocooned in a hot blanket to promote a reduction in water retention and stimulate circulation.  This treatment is recommended to promote optimum health and eliminate toxins.  Seaweed detox body wrap benefits the skin.  In addition, the entire process for a seaweed body wrap is an excellent way to relieve daily stress and to help the body feel new and improved.  The best way that a seaweed wrap helps to detoxify the body is through sweating process that helps to eliminate impurities from the body.