National College of Medical Qigong

Now Enrolling, Classes beginning September 2nd,  2019!

National College of Medical Qigong is the only accredited College in The USA for Medical Qigong. Medical Qigong is the original branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Here you will study, train and work hands on learning over 5000 year old medical history that is still used today in China and all over the world.  Until a few years back, if you wanted to get an accreditation for Medical Qigong you had to go to China to complete the accreditation.  Now it will become even easier as we are online with a virtual classroom!  Now you can do your course work around your schedule.  You will be required watch videos, to do you assignments, attend virtual classes and summit videos of what you have been learning.  You will be given 10 months to complete your syllabuses and schedule a time to do a hands on final exam.  Your instructor will be with you every step of the way and be able to answer all of your questions.  At the end of your Doctorates we will also have the option of interning at one of our facilities for intense hands on learning.

Medical Qigong College Degrees - Fees

Medical Qigong Associate Degree $5000 

Medical Qigong Bachelors Degree $5000 

Medical Qigong Masters Degree $5000 

Medical Qigong Doctorate Degree $9000

Prepayment packages available as well as monthly payment plans.

One time $500 enrollment fee is required.

*Prices do not include books.  Books are available for purchase from Amazon or directly from the Author.

For more information or to enroll email or call


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