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A Sanctuary For Natural Healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine

A Sanctuary For Natural Healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine

A Sanctuary For Natural Healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine A Sanctuary For Natural Healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ayurvedic Health Counselor Intern

Ayurveda literally means “The Science of Life,” and can be understood to mean “The Science of Self-Healing.” This means your health and healing is ultimately in your own hands. Ayurveda has a long and rich history of assisting people on this journey and is the sister science to Yoga. Ayurveda provides a highly individualized system of self-care and addresses healing at the root. This is accomplished by first understanding each individual’s unique constitution and then applying customized lifestyle, diet, and herbal recommendations as well as five sense therapies (such as massage, aromatherapy, color therapy, sound therapy, etc.) to connect the individual back to their true nature. 

An Ayurvedic Health Counselor guides you towards optimum health, well-being, and peace of mind. There are likely to be many steps on this journey towards health and balance. Establishing healthy routines and lifestyle adjustments are of paramount importance in creating a balanced life that will continue to nurture and support us for the entirety of our lives. Ultimately, it is what we do on a daily, consistent basis that is the greatest determiner of our health. In some instances, healing occurs quite rapidly, and in others, somewhat slowly. It depends on how deep-seated the imbalance, how long there has been an imbalance, and the personal commitment to healing that each individual makes.


The Ayurvedic process requires an upfront collection and understanding of each persons’ unique structural, physiological, mental/emotional make up and tendencies. Therefore, first time patients must commit to an initial series of counseling sessions. A minimum of four meetings are needed to collect and analyze all information gathered from the intake process (Initial Consultation and Report of Findings), develop an initial treatment plan (Follow Up Visit 1), and implement and adjust preliminary lifestyle and dietary changes (Follow Up Visit 2).

Although Ayurveda is a lifelong journey, the relationship with an Ayurvedic professional should be viewed as a 6-12 month process. Frequent and regular visits are needed to gain traction, see results, and maximize your investment as one would visit a personal trainer, physical therapist, psychologist, yoga class, or taking lessons to learn a neew instrument or sport. Therefore, weekly visits to your practioner are standard practice for at least the first month or two. As your personal awareness, self-care routines, self-discipline, and dietary choices gradually shift, visits to your practioner can decrease anywhere from biweekly to biannually over time. Others remain frequent clients that thrive on consistent guidance and new lifestyle challenges their practioner guides them to adopt for the long term. Through this relationship and guidance, an individual can connect back to their true nature more successfully and sustain optimal health. 


New Year, New You Wellness Special (Good for Quarter 1 of 2020: January through March):

Special #1:


Buy 3 Get 1 Free Starter Bundle: $225 for 4 meetings through March 2020. $275 regular price starting April 2020. 

These four meetings include 5 hours of in person consultations:

1.) Initial Consultation(in person, 1.5-2 hours) – before meeting, you will be provided complete intake forms to collect preliminary information on your physiological and mental/emotional tendencies, past and current imbalances, and areas you would like Ayurveda to help improve. These forms must be submitted at least 48 hours before your in-person initial consultation. This gathered information is reviewed with you in detail to identify long versus short term patterns, collect additional information (structural analysis, ayurvedic pulse, and tongue reading), review what to expect next, and schedule your report of findings meeting the following week. Analysis of all collected information is then organized and summarized into a customized report that will be ready for you at the next meeting.

2.) Report of Findings(in person, 55 minutes) – Analysis is complete and your unique Ayurvedic Constitution is shared with you. This along with education on what Ayurveda is and how it can best work for you is reviewed. This reveals which elements in the body and mind are over or under stimulated and how to pacify aggravated doshas (energies) by bringing in opposing qualities. This is accomplished through a variety of therapies within the wheelhouse of Ayurveda. A few simple lifestyle recommendations for the upcoming week will be recommended specific to your constitution and imbalances. A journal to collect more information on diet, elimination, emotions, etc. may also be requested. Follow Up Visit 1 is scheduled. 

3.) Follow Up Visit #1 (in person, 55 minutes) – Discuss any self-awareness realizations, successes or challenges implementing prior recommendations, and review additional information collected from any assigned journaling from the previous week. Adjust recommendations with creative solutions to make them stick. Layer on new practices that are customized for your optimal well being. Ayurvedic recommendations range from a variety of self-care practices and healthy routine building; different 5 sense therapies (massage, sound healing, aromatherapy, color therapy, tastes); using food as medicine; and cultivating mental/emotional-discipline through inner connectedness/understanding. Specific ingredients across different food categories and recipes to pacify your specific imbalances may be shared. 

4.) Follow Up Visit #2(in person, 55 minutes) – You are now feeling a deeper connection with Ayurveda and how it can work for your unique lifestyle and challenges. Creative solutions and challenges are discussed. Adjustments and new practices and ayurvedic guidelines specific to your constitution and imbalances are learned. Connections between body, mind, and spirit are made. 

Special #2: 

  • $69      Single Follow Up Visits through March 2020. $79 regular price starting      April 2020.

Other pricing

  • Healing      Your Life Through Ayurveda 6-week course (12 hours total)
    • Next       course dates: Tuesdays from 730 – 930pm on       Jan. 28th, Feb. 4th,11th, 18th,       25th, and March 3rd at Inspirit Yoga Studio (7575       Kingspointe Pkwy. #21, Orlando, 32819)
    • $120       plus $70 supplies fee (or supplies can be purchased on your own) 
  • Free      or Donation Based one-hour Intro to Ayurveda talk (upon request)

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