About Me


My name is Dr. Jessica Barnes DMQ (Doctor of Medical Qigong).  The year was 2012, I was at my Son's Doctor's office receiving the news from a world top specialist that my son would die by the time he was 20.  He was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease.  I went home crying.  By the time I got home, I told my husband, if he was going to die young he was going to have the best quality of life we could give him.  So I got on the computer and started research.  I found everyone has Mitochondrial Cells, they are our energy cells. Apparently his were diseased and producing other diseased cells.  Nothing in Western Medicine can cure this, it was a death sentence for our son.  I found however in my studies that Traditional Chinese Medicine, all branches, works on our body's energy.  It corrects the unbalanced energies in our bodies.  Unfortunately acupuncture wasn't going to work.  Aidan had ADHD worse than the Tasmanian devil, there was no way needles were going to be able to go into his skin.  To top it off, he has Autism and that would be sensory overload.  Then I found Qigong, you work over the body, no needles and the best part is there was a College in St Pete.  Yay not trips to China?

I was trained at the National Collage of Medical Qigong American Institutes of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  This is the ONLY accredited college for Medical Qigong in the USA.  I trained under the great Master Dr. Dennis Alexander.  I graduated each level with High Honors and was asked back to work with and teach with my Master.  Today my office in Historic Downtown Kissimmee.

So how is my son?  No more trips to the ER on a weekly basis, no more seizures, no longer uses a Wheelchair and now sleeps all night long.  I will not claim my son is cured.  He still has some issues, such as on the rare occasion he does get sick, he looses all muscle function, he doesn't have great dexterity in his hands, he still needs help doing simple tasks and only those close to him understand what he is saying.  However, he is very happy, healthy, loves to sign and dance.  You can see his before and after picture on the Autism Wellness Page.

On top of being trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have also spent time learning and training in other Holistic Healing Modalities with a few different Masters.  Today I can offer you the healing modalities below.  

Qigong (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Energy Medicine for Kids

Aura Healing

Chakra Healing

Crystal Therapy



Color Therapy

Sound Therapy 

Needle Free Acupuncture

Steam Ozone Sauna Therapy

Salt Room Therapy